Thursday, 10 October 2013


vote plus

This is the VOTE PLUS management software developed in It is mainly done for the college purpose. All the candidates names of the different section will be displayed in the screen according to their post. Student have to just go and click the button to vote. calculation of the vote is done automatically which can be viewed only to the Admin.
The winners name will be shown in the screen and even the votes they have gained. So this software can be used for the college voting sake, where there will be complete security, and the time to count the votes will be saved , because of the automatic calculation.
This software is error free. Anyone can use this software . you can download this software by clicking on download below. So use this software and get more benefit from from this. If have any doubts then post your doubts below.
Video tutorial of the execution of VOTE PLUS software, just check here
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  • Processor: Intel dual core or above
  • Processor Speed:1.0GHZ or above
    • RAM: 1 GB RAM or above
    • Hard Disk: 20 GB hard disk or above
  • Language: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Database: Microsoft SQL server 200

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