Friday, 24 May 2013

SMS Application Project in ASP.NET

SMS Application Project in ASP.NET is a web application which able to send SMS through Internet. Hardware Requirement : 1) Processor :- Dual Core or above. 2) RAM :- 128 MB or above. 3) Hard Disk :- 80 GB or above. 4) Monitor :- 17” CRT or above. 5) Mouse :- Optical. 6) CD-ROM. 7) Internet Connection. Software Requirement : 1) Operating system :- Windows XP. 2) Front end :- Microsoft visual studio 2008. 3) Back end :- Microsoft SQL server 2005. Project Contents : Source Code Executable File Project Report PPT
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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fast Download Manager Project in Vb.Net source code

Fast Download manager implemented with new TCP-IP Protocol which offer High Performance Download

HeliCop Fight Game Project in C#.Net source code

Game Programming in C#

Real Time Java Based Auction System project

This is a online auction site for selling.It is implemented in java

Mobile Tracking System in Java

This is a web application. This application tracks the mobile location in every 5 seconds in connection with the Central Connected Servers

Hospital Management System in Vb.Net

project Hospital Management System in

Health Center Project in Java

The main intention of introducing this system is to reduce the manual work at Health center counters

Loan Approval System in Java

This is a System Developed for Loan Approval Process in Bank.Made in Java,JSP

Online Social Networking-Friends Club in Java,JSP,Struts

online Social networking Site developed in JSP,Java. online Social networking Site in Java , an social networking allowing the users to interact with each other and exchange their views. This project also enables the users to see the details of their friends upload their own photographs, add their friends, leave a scrap & send testimonials. The project’s objective is to enable users to communicate with other people. It allows the user to search for friends. This website provides user the ability to upload the photographs. It also enables the user to leave the scraps & send the testimonia

Online Share Portal in JSP

Web Application project in Java,JSP for viewing live Share rates.Complete project with Source code and Report in JSP. Oracle10g Express Edition NetBeans IDE 6.5 Jdk 6.0 Tomcat 6.x CMail Server 5.x

online Ebook Review Website in

Website for Reviewing a Book.User can Review on any book which can be viewed by other users.Front End is Asp.Net,C#.Net and MS SQL

Website for Generating Photo Album in Asp.Net,MS Sql

This Web Application will generate automatic slideshow of the user photo.User can upload photos and create customized photo album

Network Monitoring and Remote Desktop in C#.Net

Two Modules:one is client model and other one is server model. Network monitoring system project is integrated with Remote desktop monitoring system.We provide complete documentation of Project with Source code of Client and Server..

Android Project for Bouncing Ball source code for android

Android game on bouncing ball with source code is available

Sudoku Game on Android source code

One of the Most popular game of the world Sudoku is available on most of the mobile platform.Android market is gaining most popularity,major applications are available on playstore.SUDOKU on android is available with complete source code here

Monday, 20 May 2013

Online Bus/Railway/Air Ticket Reservation System in Asp.Net

This Online project is aimed at automation of a Travel Ticket Booking System i.e-Ticket Reservation System in Asp.Net. Objective of the project is to develop customized website for Travel Agencies so customer can book their tickete online through home. The system also provides a comprehensive mechanism of ticket booking for any travel agency. Ticket Booking is designed to help wide range of travel agencies come together and provide service to the customer. Ticket Booking comprehensive functionality helps the agencies expand their horizons in the field of providing service to the customers.
The Online travel Ticket Booking System is about the online service for the reservation and the inquiry for the passengers. The online system mostly very helpful to the company as it can made available the seats availability to the passengers online and sell the tickets online. The system replaces the previous system of manual purchasing of the ticket and inquiry The flight/Train/Bus schedule and the timings will be shown on the online. The system makes the booking system very easy. The Existing System The Existing System has the ticket counters at the particular place. The passengers has to visit the counter to buy tickets and also to enquire the schedule. The travel agents made the system little bit easy as they provides the advance booking facility. The travel agents need to check continuously for the ticket confirmation with providers that makes the process time taking and unadequate
download Online Bus/Railway/Air Ticket Reservation System

Hotel Management System in C#.Net

This is a window based application.It includes Order submission,Bill Generation and Other miscellaneous Report.
download Hotel Management System in C#.Net

Personal Account Planner in

Personal Account Planner is the complete user interact system. It is integrated widows based total workflow automation system for any user. Personal Account Planner seamlessly integrates the existing manual or semi-automated process, starting from user accounts, type of transactions, categories and the financial years and last transaction of account to account. It will automatically generate the report of the transactions of accounts and I will also generate chart too. It will useful to calculate your income and mange your expense
download Personal Account Planner in

Online Job Portal Project(E-Job website),Placement Service Website in Asp.Net

Online job portal project is a web based project which is implemented in using C#.Net programming language. Main aim of this project is to provide a online job search portal for fresher’s and experience employees for knowing about opportunities in different companies. Users need to register with application and obtain unique username and password for accessing available features. Users can submit their resumes through their account or they can fill complete profile details for their Relevant job.All uploaded resumes are visible to Employers who provide job opportunities. This application is same as that of web site with similar functionality and features implemented in Asp.Net with best performance of the website,Database is made in MS SQL. This application has Anonymous Candidate,JoSeeker,Recruiter,Resume Uploading FunctionalityJob Search Facility ,JobSeeker and Recruiter Profile control,about us page, feedback forum, placement registration, recruiter login,etc.
download Online Job Portal Project(E-Job website),Placement Service Website in Asp.Net

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Online Internet Banking(E-Banking) Project in Asp.Net

The Traditional way of maintaining details of a user in a bank was to enter the details and record them. Every time the user need to perform some transactions he has to go to bank and perform the necessary actions, which may not be so feasible all the time. It may be a hard-hitting task for the users and the bankers too. The project gives real life understanding of Online Banking System and activities performed by various roles in the supply chain. Here, we provide an automation for banking system through Internet. Online Banking System project captures activities performed by different roles in real life banking which provides enhanced techniques for maintaining the required information upto-date, which results in efficiency. The project gives real life understanding of Online Banking System and activities performed by various roles in the supply chain.

Internet banking project is implemented in platform. This project is helpful to students as mini project for understanding basics of online banking system.This application is included with features which are available in most of the banking sites but with basic features. Initially users need to register with application at branch where he is having account. Implementing this application can help students to improve knowledge on ADO.Net and linking to database. Main features for banking site are basic transaction information, funds transferring features, transaction details and more
 download Online Internet Banking(E-Banking) Project in Asp.Net

Medical Inventory System in

This Project is window Application developed in Vb.Net.By Applying OOPs Fundamental,Complete Inventory Management is Developed with Report Generation and Automatic Stock,Purchase and Sales Management
download Medical Inventory System

Online Advertising management System in Asp.Net

Online advertising management system project is developed in with C# using Ms SQl as a Database Server. Main aim of this project is to develop a software application for advertising agency for organizing different tasks that are carried out in day to day life. Advertising is one of the fast growing and ever green filed where business related work for selling products , advertising through online, television advertising, banner advertising and many works are carried out. For every advertising company they handle different types of works and they need to always be in contact with customers. In existing system manual method is used to taking orders , maintaining details of customers, advertising orders and maintaining employees information in files. Which is a time taking and not a efficient method for providing better service. In order to solve this problem in this project we propose a software application which will have different modules for taking orders, managing customers information in central database, managing employees information and advertising creating applications. Using a single software application all these operations can be performed which is save time and improve better customer service.
download online advertising management system

Cosmetic Inventory Management System in C#.Net,Ms SQL

This Window based application developed for Cosmetic shop to automate a process
download cosmetic i.m.s source code

Online Clinic Management System Project In Php

Online Clinic Management System Project is based on the hospital Management System The first and only clinic management software / system that full fills all needs in the clinic management field, all things like managing the reception printing the prescription, patient record, bill printing and many more at one place with fully expertise and error free operations
download online clinic management system project in php