Friday, 25 October 2013

Hotel Management Java project

Hotel Management project features

  • report generation 
  • password protected 
  • hotel’s room information 
  • billing facility 
  • different login levels 
Hotel using the computer with the work of HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The important thing in our mind is that we should concentrate our project work on a subject that is easy to understand and is according to our daily requirement. By keeping this in mind, the subject chosen by us is hotel management.In the present time there is a great rush in hotels, as these have become necessity for middle and upper class of the society.People travel a lot, stay in hotels, goes to the hotels for functions,meeting and refreshment. Our project is developed keeping in mind the general needs of the customers when he goes to the hospital. An important uniqueness about the described Hotel’s restaurants and bar are available to only those customers who have already booked room or hall in hospital. 

Simple Hotel Management System Using VB.Net

Language: Visual Basic .NET
It has the ff. features:
Guest Checkin, Checkout, Reservation
Add, Update, Delete Guest
Add, Update, Delete Room
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